Municipal Water Pumping & Treatment

Municipalities need reliable and energy-efficient pumps for pumping clean water and disposing of flood and sewage water. At PPP, we offer high-quality water pumping and treatment solutions from the distribution of potable water to storm and flood water disposal and the treatment of wastewater. Our pumps have got your back.

Our products have their role in all Municipal markets like towns, villages, and cities. Moreover, we also install pumps and treatment plants in government buildings. Our pumping solutions are customizable to meet all Municipal and Industrial needs. Improved efficiencies of our products reduce power and water usage. We have a complete package for you.

We also have the capabilities to comply with the Build America, Buy America (BABA) program.

Our pumping assemblies have been tested to the highest standards and we keep highly detailed and transparent manufacturer records books.

Municipal Water Pumping & Treatment Applications

The municipal water industry is facing new challenges with the degradation of old systems. The pumping and treatment mechanism of your city, town, or village for flood and stormwater needs to be active and reliable.

Water reuse, pressure management, and new treatment methods are necessary for water management within your municipality. At PPP, we utilize different technologies to reuse wastewater to fulfill the needs of a growing population within your community.